We are committed to doing our part in saving the environment by providing you with an Eco Sustainable line with new fabrics, styles and colors in 100% Organic Cotton, Recyclable RPET, Bamboo, Eco-Triblend & Hemp.

100% Organic Cotton – farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibers happens to come from one of the fastest renewable resources. Bamboo grows incredibly fast and can do so with about a 1/3 less water to grow than cotton. Bamboo fabric is light and strong and is really soft to the touch and requires less dye than cotton. 


RPET is another environmentally friendly fabric blend we use. RPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, or recycled PET.  RPET is made from recycled polyesters, recycled plastics and pure, 100% organic cotton


Hemp is an exceptionally strong, durable, Eco-friendly fiber. This fabric has the feel of flannel and typically softens with age. Hemp is grown organically and doesn’t require insecticides or pesticides. 


All of our sustainable fabrics are made with Organic / Eco-Friendly yarns and finished with environmentally friendly dyes.



Our Eco Triblend apparel is a combination of  cotton combined with Recycled Polyester and Rayon, with the ecologically-friendly version of Triblend made using 100% certified organic.