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Quarantine High Intensity Pilates Cardio & Strength

Let’s Sculpt in Self Isolation 

No access to a gym or studio? 

Are you moving less because you’re stuck at home?



I’ve had trouble keeping my step counts up during lockdown

and with all the rain this April I did HIIT training at home to keep my heart healthy.

I live in NYC so I used to walk everywhere, now that we’re staying home and staying putI wanted to have a way to stay moving.

Here’s few fun workouts you can do at home

Let’s rev up your heart rate and get that cardio in.

Plus if you want visible ab muscles- you’ll likely need cardio to keep your body fat percentage down.

HIIT means intense bouts of high or hard work with smaller recovery periods.

It’s been proven to burn fat quicker than longer periods of moderate intensity cardio work. This form of exercise can be hard on the joints so this may not be appropriate for you if you have any injuries.

I’ve posted High Intensity Interval Trainingon the blog before, but this time we’re using some alternative props (if you have them).

I posted Quarantine Workouts using some of our disinfecting favorites like Alcohol & Wipes on the blog a few weeks ago and everyone wanted more

Ill be using a stack of TP and some alcohol bottles here- but if you’re al lout of those- just use a Yoga Block or light weights:)


The first workout is an total body sculpting cardio workout featuring an intense take on some Pilates moves

The second workout will be more strength based but done HIIT style- harder periods of work followed by a short rest. That will release next week.

Expect to max out your muscles and feel some heat

You Can do them both in a row or do one two or three rimes in a row to really stay in top shape during COVID19.





Jessi is the Owner of JFIT/ Pilates and has over 24,000 hours of experience in Pilates both in New York and San Francisco