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Are you an executive on the go? Do the demands of your job keep you traveling several days a week – eating airport, hotel, or fast food – and of course barely getting any workouts in as you haven’t any time left in a day, nonetheless a week to get to the gym? Well if physical fitness matters to you, then where there’s a will there’s a way – and I know the way.

Working out on the road is not as hard as you think. Many hotels have in-house gyms or reciprocal relationships for nearby gyms. Most national fitness chains (24 Hour Fitness, Fitness 19, etc.) welcome you to work out at any location for a small daily fee ($10-20). With a spare 20-30 minutes a few times a week you can give your body what it needs to at least maintain your current physical condition, and possibly reduce fat if that’s your goal (you know I never say “lose weight”). At the very least, getting in a quick workout while on the road can lower your stress and help your body loosen the knots created by from those cramped airplane seats.

If gyms are not your thing, resistance bands are an easy and portable way to get a great workout in the privacy of your hotel room. With as little as two resistance bands (two different thicknesses, i.e., resistance levels) and a door attachment you can work your entire body in 10 minutes!

Don’t want to hassle with resistance bands? How about a core and cardio workout you can perform in the middle of your hotel room – burpees, push ups, crunches, incline push ups, dips, planks – there are all sorts of body-weight exercises that you can perform in quick succession to get the blood flowing, energy renewed, and muscles toned.

Exercising while traveling helps improve circulation (again a necessity for long plane or car rides), assists in better sleep, and keeps the brain sharp – All essential elements for the traveling business executive.

Now of course we cannot forget nutrition. With exercise being only 10-20 minutes of any given travel day – your real health and fitness needs rely essentially on your nutrition. Airport or airplane food is full of sodium and inferior quality products. Fast food drive-thru are often necessary when driving miles in rental cars to and from out-of-town business meetings. High-caloric dinners with lots of cocktails often occur when courting clients. After a week of traveling and eating this way your body is exhausted, bloated, and lethargic. Just a few prudent food choices can make a huge difference.

Grab or pack fresh fruit, nuts, and gluten free snacks for long airplane/car rides. They’ll keep you energized but not clog up the works, keeping you regular and less bloated. Avoid fried foods and heavily salted choices – even McDonald’s offers healthier options these days (although healthy at McDonald’s sounds like an oxymoron to me).

When facing a long night of steak-house dining and drinking, omit sauces from your steak, choose a mixed green salad instead of Caesar, and focus on steamed or sauteed veggies vs. potatoes. Keep the booze to one cocktail and/or one glass of red wine. Nurse them awhile and you’ll be able to get through the evening without the standard four glasses.

Stay healthy and Fit with Empire Street Style

So the next time you travel for work (or vacation), pack a few essential snack items and your resistance bands and you can stay in shape on the go! If you seek an “on-the-road” routine for resistance bands or core/cardio check out my website www.workouts247.com




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