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Check out Shalel Lounge, this sexy, secret spot located on the Upper West Side has earned the Empire Street Style seal of approval. Shalel has everything you are looking for and more. Follow the soft trail of rose petals that lead you to the entrance. Inside, it's uniquely decorated and set to quiet French music and intimate lighting. You will be cozy and comfortable, weather you choose to sit at the bar, a rose petal covered table or a couch. All of the small inlets and rooms can accommodate two or a group comfortably. Don't forget to check out the water fall room, or choose a spot close by and enjoy it while you dine. The food is delicious and the drink menu suits all. Remember gents Shalel doesn't advertise! That's what makes this place so exclusive and unique. Consider yourself lucky that you are learning about this place, in time for your romantic holiday.....February 14th if you haven't already marked your calendar!

Shalel Lounge
65 W. 70th St.
Manhattan, NY 10023
(212) 873-2300


      Guerby Joseph


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