MEET SHING YIING ONG | Empire Street Style


1 min read

Shing is the Owner of Body Balance Lifestyles and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Pop Pilates! Shing helps busy women out there be able to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle without having to sacrifice a huge amount of time. She creates fun...
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MEET JESSI ALBIN | Empire Street Style


1 min read

Jessi is the Owner of JFIT/ Pilates and has over 24,000 hours of experience in Pilates both in New York and San Francisco... It's all about her FLOW INTENT TECHNIQUE™️
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Quarantine FIT HIIT Workout Series | Empire Street Style

Quarantine FIT HIIT Workout Series

2 min read

Quarantine High Intensity Pilates Cardio & Strength

Let’s Sculpt in Self Isolation 

No access to a gym or studio? 

Are you moving less because you’re stuck at home?


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5 min read

This year we teamed up with Fashion Stock, one of New York City’s top video and photography production companies...

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The Keys to Positive Change | Empire Street Style

The Keys to Positive Change

2 min read

We’ve all heard insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. However, this is...
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Q&A With Fitness Trainer  Erick Sanchez | Empire Street Style

Q&A With Fitness Trainer Erick Sanchez

5 min read 8 Comments

Erick Sanchez is a well-known certified personal trainer in New York City. He works with clients of all shapes and sizes in several well-known New York sports clubs, such as Equinox, NYSC and Crunch.

Erick not only “talks the talk, he also “walks the walk”: besides being a personal trainer, he is also a fitness...

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Music—The Great Motivator | Empire Street Style

Music—The Great Motivator

2 min read 3 Comments

 Forget reminders such as hanging your dream bikini, dress, or suit in the kitchen to inspire you. Forget screen savers, phone apps, and refrigerator magnets that spout words of wisdom to keep you focused. Those reminders are all too easy to forget about when they’re not in front of your face.The most frequent.

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Exercise on the Go | Empire Street Style

Exercise on the Go

3 min read

Are you an executive on the go? Do the demands of your job keep you traveling several days a week – eating airport, hotel, or fast food – and of course barely getting any workouts in as you haven’t any time left in a day, nonetheless a week to get to the gym? Well if physical fitness matters to you, then where there’s a will there’s a way – and I know the way...

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How to HIIT the Streets | Empire Street Style

How to HIIT the Streets

2 min read 4 Comments

If you’re into the fitness scene at all, you’ve probably heard of “HIIT” (high intensity interval training). The health and fat loss benefits of this style of exercising are numerous – short routines (4-20 minutes) of intense bursts of speed and strength in combination moves that target multiple body parts and your cardiovascular system all at the same time...
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