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Every day I am asked about success and what it takes to be successful. Without even thinking I think most people are trained to say that luck and networking are keys to success. However, I know from personal experience that neither luck nor networking have contributed to my success in life and business. In fact, I do not have a fairytale story about success. I know a lot about failure and I fell flat on my face. My business almost collapsed three times and it did not look like I would ever recover. I know what it feels like to have people mocking you and criticizing your dreams. It seemed like the dream was dying right before my eyes. Despite all of that my business stands stronger than ever and I have built a brand that is recognized around the world. Here are a few pillars for living an uncommon life.


  1. You have to know that success is a process. Too many people expect success without any setbacks. In our convenience culture we think everything is immediate and instantaneous. However, as someone that knows about success I can assure you that it is not instantaneous. Between your dream and the manifestation is your process. How you handle you process will determine if you ever reach your full potential. The gift of process is that it teaches us patience and perfects the weak areas of our lives so that we can achieve sustainable success. Process is vital to the accomplishment of your goals and the manifestation of your vision. When you avoid process you abandon the very tool that will bring you into power and greatness. When you learn to appreciate the process you attract limitless possibilities into your life. Your process should not be suppressed because it holds the key to your success.
  2. You have to accept the invitation to live an uncommon life. In life, you will either be usual or you will be uncommon. However, you cannot be both. Many people aspire to live uncommon lives but they are unwilling to do the work that is necessary to produce it. If you are not careful it is easy to get complacent and comfortable with life. However, the people that change the world are not complacent or comfortable. In fact, I believe your willingness to get uncomfortable is what makes you uncommon. The satisfied will always live a second class life. However, when you are dissatisfied you are empowered to be a difference maker in the world. The invitation to live an uncommon life has been extended to every human being on the planet. Yet only a select few will accept the invitation and ascend to the realm of greatness. Your willingness to do what others are unwilling to do is what makes you uncommon. Many have called my disciplines extreme but my disciplines are highly effective. Doing what is easy will never elevate your life. You have to be willing to go beyond convenience to be world-class at what you do. Those that ignore the invitation to live an uncommon life live inferior lives.
  3. You have to be dedicated to growth. I am amused at the plethora of self-help experts and self-proclaimed gurus that have emerged in this generation. They sell books and give great presentations. However, we have a lot of people calling themselves gurus that are not even committed to growth. What can you offer the world if you have not made growth and development a major part of your life? More importantly, how can you sell a message that you have not modeled? So many people are attracted to my message and the wisdom that I share on a consistent basis. I am grateful to be a respected thought leader that is recognized around the world but I want people to know that success is work. Success is about more than inspiration and motivation. The world is filled with voices that claim to be motivational and inspiration. Those two factors are not enough to produce success in your life. Until you make growth an important part of your life you will never be successful. You cannot effectively lead and influence others unless you are constantly learning and growing on a consistent basis. After all, it is impossible to stay relevant if your message is not consistently refined. Great leaders recognize that you never truly arrive. It is that dedication to growth that separates the great from the average. Growth is a mindset that every champion possesses.
  4. You have to be fully invested in your future. As I stated earlier, my business almost collapsed on three separate occasions. How did I go from that place to success and being featured on media platforms around the world? I was fully invested in my future. Instead of accepting failure I fought for greatness in my life. I pushed through every barrier and I made the decision to defy the odds. You have to be relentless to reach your full potential. We say we want success but we do not really want it. Too many people give up and the first sign of failure. We allow other people to talk us out of our dreams. Ultimately, most people are not all in when it comes to the dream. When you are all in you do not accept the possibility of failure. It takes perseverance to reach your full potential. If you do not have the fortitude to fight for your future you will fail. Excitement cannot fuel a dream. What happens when you don’t feel passionate? You will stop pursuing the dream. You will stop persevering to see the promise fulfilled in your life. Endurance is what will keep the dream alive. Endurance is a secret of champions that will empower you to excel and life an uncommon life. Many people start well but it takes staying power to produce an uncommon life.


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