April 12, 2020 2 min read

Pause. Build. Inspire. Live Better


We hope that you and your families are safe, happy and healthy during this time!


While  many of us are doing our part and practicing social distancing in the  face of COVID-19, it is a priority for us to be here to support you and  your well-being during this difficult time.


We are Empire Street Style a  New York City-based Organic / Eco-Friendly clothing company and leading  online source for Fair Trade Athleisure Clothing, clean diet, exercise  and self-help guides.  We are truly passionate about helping others Live  Better, Do Better, and Dress Better.  


Guerby is our CEO and Shannon is our COO.  Together we have been working from home during this challenging time often going from one video-conference call to the other, then we decided hit pause and think about where we going?  What can we do at this time when there are many uncontrollables in our world today?


The answer was simple: We can take this time to buildnew  relationships and reconnect with old ones.   And this is why we are  starting this email campaign.  We want to bring you fresh insights on  healthy living, making a difference, and supporting sustainable  Eco-friendly companies.


We believe that it is in each our hands to look at the future and figure out how we will each be better to inspire people to keep living their best lives, no matter what the circumstances bring.  Life is always worth living.  


From  Guerby and Shannon, we are your friends and we are here to support you  and your loved ones during this difficult time and into the brighter  future to Live Better!



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