Living From The Heart

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Living From The Heart | Empire Street Style

Why is it so difficult for us to be alone? I believe one of the greatest fears of humanity in the twenty-first century is silence. In a digital age where everyone is connected to their devices, it seems that it has become harder for us to be alone with our own thoughts. We sit right on the edge of evolution in our lives but only in the silence can we discover the answers that we so desperately need. 

For years, I have been instructing friends, clients and leaders around the world to connect back to the heart. However, you would be amazed at the strange looks I get from many leaders when I give this answer. Why is the heart so important? Why is it so vital for us to connect back to the heart? Here are a few lesson I have learned living a heart-centered life.

1. The heart requires us to get out of our heads. I am in no way insinuating that you should leave your intellect at the door. However, I am instructing you to stop allowing your thoughts to control your life. In my classic book on the mind, I delve into the importance of getting rid of toxic thoughts and how our thinking is often the greatest barrier to our success. I believe that there are times where we need to reason. On the other hand, there are times where we need to trust the heart and follow what we know is right.

2. The heart requires a greater degree of trust. Honestly, I don’t have time to write about all the issues that I have had with trust. I would use this as a crutch because I was afraid of embracing new experiences in my life. What I learned is that we are so tuned in educationally that we have turned off our emotions. We are afraid to express how we feel and we have been taught not to trust our emotions. As a soul coach, the problem is not that we cannot trust our emotions. Our emotions have to be balanced and then we will have the emotional intelligence we need to make those difficult decisions. It is important to tune back in to how you feel. Sometimes we think ourselves into terrible situations.

3. The heart taps into your authentic self. We live in a culture that has become obsessed with the word authenticity. While the word is highly overused, I am concerned that we still do not really know that it means to be authentic. Authenticity is tapping into the essence of who you are as a person. It is removing the layers and getting to the heart and soul of a person. Our world does not make much space for authenticity. We have been taught to be silent and to adapt to the world around us. However, your authentic self desperately wants to be heard. When you live a heart-centered life you tap into your authentic self. You stop living your life according to the culture and your start living in alignment with your core values and principles. This is truly living life at its best.

4. The heart often contains powerful messages about our lives. One of the things that I love about the heart is the fact that it bypasses the surface and gets to the substance of our lives. Hidden in our hearts are powerful messages about who we are, what we desire and what we dislike. When you look into your heart you find answers to some of life’s most pressing questions. We have been trained to follow the head. It takes a mature person to stop and listen to the heart. The heart knows the course of action you should take. It is not about what is right or wrong. It is really about what is right for you. When you live a heart-centered life you will stop, listen and always make a conscious decision to follow your heart.

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