May 23, 2016 3 min read

About a week ago I released my autobiography. It is my fifth book and one of my most anticipated releases. So many people have been urging me to tell my story for years. However, I was always skeptical about telling my story. I struggled deeply with the significance of my story and why so many people were interested in hearing it. Finally, I put all the doubts to rest and wrote my amazing life story. I have learned so many lessons in my life and I am so honored to be in a position where I can teach and empower others through my story. We are all striving to live higher lives.

  1. Life is about finding meaning. One of the reasons I was so conflicted about telling my story years ago is because I was not healed. A lot of pain and wounds in my life prevented me from seeing the value of my story. I have learned that until you deal with the trauma in your life you cannot create a story of triumph. When I finally got over all the pain and disappointment I was able to discover what makes my life so distinct. In other words, I believe that you will always live a powerless life without purpose. Every story that is not woven together by purpose is a story that will be filled with pain. We were all created to fulfill a unique purpose. Find the meaning in your life and refuse to forfeit your moment.

  2. You will be miserable until you develop a more mentality. I talk to so many people all around the world that are miserable. They are living mediocre lives and they are not maximizing their potential. A lot of people do not even know how to articulate their dissatisfaction with life. However, it is a feeling I have experienced before. The reason so many people are miserable is because they know that there is more for their lives. Until you are willing to step out of your box you will never see beyond into new possibilities for your life. More is waiting on you to move beyond comfort and fulfill the calling on your life.

  3. Maturity is what will unlock the next season of your life. I want to share something with you that I believe can help you in a tremendous way. For years so many people have been asking me what is the key to breaking into the next level in life. I could offer you a plethora of different answers. However, what I know from personal experience is that maturity is the only key that unlocks next level living. It does not matter how much you desire to see change in your life. You have to make the decision to mature. Immaturity will always produce an inferior life. I always say that a life without development will ultimately die. Development is the catalyst that unlocks the next dimension. You will never embrace greater until you are willing to grow.

You have to be able to discern the power of a moment. So many people are looking for keys to success and fulfillment. A lot of people look at my life and marvel at the wisdom that I share. Also, a lot of people are astounded at the things that I have been able to accomplish. Right now I have a lot of momentum and I am using this moment to teach. I am not telling my story to impress people. I am telling my story to ignite humanity to pursue greatness. One of the things that has consistently set me up for success in life is knowing how to discern the power of a moment. That discernment has set me up for divine opportunities and catapulted me into a realm of success beyond what I could have ever imagined. How many moments do we miss? What has a lack of maturity caused you to miss out on? You cannot unlock your potential until you unlock your perception. Perception will empower you to move into prophetic destiny.

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