Pause. Build. Inspire. Live Better | Empire Street Style

Pause. Build. Inspire. Live Better

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We hope that you and your families are safe, happy and healthy during this time!


While  many of us are doing our part and practicing social distancing in the  face of COVID-19, it is a priority for us to be here to support you and  your well-being during this difficult time.

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Surround Yourself With Peace, Love, and Serenity. | Empire Street Style

Surround Yourself With Peace, Love, and Serenity.

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Our surroundings have a significant influence on us. They can either contribute to or alleviate the stress in our lives. Just as a person’s character reflects those of their companions,..
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Is the quality of your relationships with other people determines your happiness? | Empire Street Style

Is the quality of your relationships with other people determines your happiness?

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According to one of the longest studies ever conducted, the number one factor in determining a person's happiness (and thus, their overall wellness) is the quality of their relationships with other people...
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How did I get to be a
engineering student slash ecofashion designer that is passionate about making our world a
more conscious and sustainble place, one shirt at a time? I could point to my lifelong stint as a
Girl Scout, or the fact that my parents raised me to be a woman of conviction, or that I’ve always
been passionate about the environment from a young age. But I think there’s a simpler answer:
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The Pillars of An Uncommon Life. | Empire Street Style

The Pillars of An Uncommon Life.

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Every day I am asked about success and what it takes to be successful. Without even thinking I think most people are trained to say that luck and networking are keys to success. However, I know from personal experience that neither luck nor networking have contributed to my success in life and business. In fact, I do not have a fairytale story about success. I know a lot about failure and I fell flat on my face. My business almost collapsed three times and it did not look like I would ever recover. I know what it feels like to have people mocking you and criticizing your dreams. It seemed like the dream was dying right before my eyes. Despite all of that my business stands stronger than ever and I have built a brand that is recognized around the world. Here are a few pillars for living an uncommon life...

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Secrets for Creating a Successful Life | Empire Street Style

Secrets for Creating a Successful Life

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Life is about finding meaning. One of the reasons I was so conflicted about telling my story years ago is because I was not healed. A lot of pain and wounds in my life prevented me from seeing the value of my story. I have learned that until you deal with the trauma in your life you cannot create a story of triumph. When I finally got over all the pain and disappointment I was able to discover what makes my life so distinct. In other words, I believe that you will always live a powerless life without purpose. Every story that is not woven together by purpose is a story that will be filled with pain. We were all created to fulfill a unique purpose. Find the meaning in your life and refuse to forfeit your moment.

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Think back to the times you learned the most in your life.  Were these moments that you did something different and stepped outside your comfort zone or moments where you did the same old thing?  Make a habit of doing something that scares the hell out of you on a regular basis. Take chances. Say yes. Close your eyes and take a leap. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did...more
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What Does An Empowered Life Look Like? | Empire Street Style

What Does An Empowered Life Look Like?

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What does an empowered life look like?

It is a question that I have been pondering for years. In fact, it is the reason that I do the work that I do around the world. I believe that we were all created to live an empowered life. Unfortunately, most people are living a meaningless existence and living below their true potential. Until we wake up to the amazing truth that we were created to be more we will continue to live in defeat. You can make a decision today to live an empowered life...

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Living From The Heart | Empire Street Style

Living From The Heart

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I believe one of the greatest fears of humanity in the twenty-first century is silence. In a digital age where everyone is connected to their devices, it seems that it has become harder for us to be alone with our own thoughts. We sit right on the edge of evolution in our lives but only in the silence can we discover the answers that we so desperately need...

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Five Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail | Empire Street Style

Five Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

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Every human being who ever achieved greatness in life, first wishes for it and then plans on how to make it a reality. For instance: setting a New Year’s resolution is a promise that you make to act on your wish for self-improvement, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, start eating healthily, learning a new skill or even starting a new business.
During the first month of the year, you start acting towards you resolutions very strongly and confidently. Some of you even brag about it to your friends and through social media: #NewYearNewMe, #FitJourney, #weightlossgoals. This is not a bad thing because sometimes your friends can call out if you start slacking. According to studies, most people start to backslide by February. They start to fall off the track and procrastinate. By the end of the year, you are back to square one, or even further behind. Why is it so many of you cannot achieve you New Year’s resolutions? Here are some reasons why, and how you can avoid them and succeed.

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