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JOHN ROZMUS | Empire Street Style

My name is John Rozmus. I'm an attorney, a personal trainer, an environmentalist, and the creator of a blog devoted to sharing my passions for writing, fitness, fashion, and photography.

Here at Empire Street Style, I have been given the honor of sharing some of my writings with you. I hope you'll check them out. But, before you read, I want you to know that the reason I write is not because I claim to have the answers to life's questions, nor because I think I'm more enlightened than you are. Rather, I write simply because I don't want to waste the knowledge I have acquired, as modest as it may be. I write because I am compelled to share the lessons I have learned from those who came before me and from a lifetime of my mistakes and triumphs. I write because if what I have learned can benefit others, I don't want to withhold that knowledge from them.

And finally, I write because I think it is important that each of us share what we know; that each of us share our stories, not just with those we are closest to, but with each other, so that we may all benefit from greater understanding and a brighter future.

I hope my writings reveal what you already know to be true—that they simply serve to remind you of what's important, and that they inspire you to live and do better!

In short, I hope you enjoy my writings. Thank you for reading!



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